Kitten Kaboodle

Kitten Kaboodle

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  • 11” x 14” matted open edition print 
  • Comes with separate answer key 
  • Contains 64 animals (Find a lobster, porcupine, koala bear, kangaroo and turtle)

All of my drawings contain hidden animals, people or objects. The squirrel comprises 64 hidden animals and one Chaz face. I hide my face in most of my drawings. The artwork is done with Rotring Rapidograph pens with points as small as .13mm. They are done on 100 pound acid-free bristol board with plate finish.

I start with a pencil sketch of the outline of the animal and some basic detail. I look for shapes of smaller animals and add them. Then I keep adding animals until the drawing is completed in pencil. It’s like building a puzzle. The final step is inking it in. The drawings are meant to take a break from the hectic 24/7 pace and think about nature and the amazing creatures who share our planet.

Many drawings come with an answer key showing the hidden animals or objects. The keys are 11″ x 14″ and are included at no charge with the purchase of a matted print, framed piece, poster or puzzle.

Browse my portfolios and click on any drawing to see an enlarged image, its name and information about how many hidden images you’ll find.